A Professional Shared Corporate Setup:

An array of offices and business support facilities raised over a smartly engineered IT infrastructure. The infrastructure feeds 8 to 12 terminals supporting internet, fax and telephony to each office, and is hence set to supply an array of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions needed to give your business an operational advantage. The IT infrastructure is overlaid by a stream of functional units each efficiently designed to fulfill its objectives. Each functional unit is fully furnished and equipped with a separate VLAN, separate firefighting system, sound insulation, and advanced indirect office lightening technology. A setup built to be purpose oriented, incorporating an adequate number of high end shared facilities. Our meeting facilities are distinctively equipped with the state of the art video and teleconferencing equipment providing the perfect corporate setting for conducting corporate meetings or business gatherings. To complete the theme of a professional corporate setup, leisure and socializing facilities were incorporated as an essential functional unit to supplement the ambience of a community and to initiate the vital business networking process from within the setup.

Centre Facilities

  • Furnished offices
    high quality fitted and furnished offices

  • Reception
    An attractive reception area equipped with dedicated receptionists for hospitality and support.

  • Pantry
    a modern designed, fully equipped, pantry for your breakout and socializing.

  • Meeting room
    Audio visual meeting room facility
  • Conference room
    advanced video conferencing facility available upon request.
  • Printing, photocopying and fax facilities.

Building Facilities

  • Lobby
    with superior quality finishing, a spacious and luxurious lobby, ten high speed passengers lifts

  • Private Parking
    limited availability

  • Gymnasium
    with high end equipment

  • Leisure and lodging
    in house coffee shop and restaurant, proximity to W-Marriot hotel a variety of lodging and retail facilities.

  • Designated visitor parking.

  • 1f


  • 2f

    Leisure and lodging

  • 3f


  • 4f

    Private Parking

  • 5f

    Conference Room

  • 6f

    Furnished Offices

  • 7f

    Meeting Room

  • 8f


  • 9f

    Printing, photocopying and fax facilities.

  • 10f